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About Dr Joe

I'm Dr Joe Cangas, a board certified pediatrician and US Army Veteran.  With the ever-changing landscape in healthcare, rising insurance and medical costs, and a lack of personalized care, I felt the need to start a medical practice that you can tailor to fit your needs, A place where you have a say in your medical care without being pressured to make decisions. A place where wellness is put before illness care.

While I don't consider myself to be a holistic pediatrician, I do like to focus on lifestyle modification before jumping to medications. I also realize that my job is to give you advice and not pressure you to do things you aren't comfortable with.  While I encourage routine vaccinations, I support your medical freedom.

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What is concierge care?

Next-level pediatric care for your family. With less than 100 patients, Dr. Joe can give you personalized care and the time you need and deserve, in the comfort of your home.

This plan is an yearly commitment divided into monthly payments. Your monthly membership fee includes:

  • Direct Access to Dr. Joe 7 am – 7 pm, 7 days a week via text, email, or phone.

  • As needed Text, Calls, Emails, Televisits, and House Calls, all with Dr Joe.

  • After Hours Nurse line through St Louis Children's Hospital

  • All POC testing (office tests such as Strep, Flu, RSV, and COVID)

  • Discounts on Medications

  • Discounts on Labs

  • Mental Health Services (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression)

  • Same-Day Appointments Monday-Friday

  • No Hidden costs

  • Extended appointments, up to 2 hours

  • Medical Freedom is respected

  • No insurance hassles. We deal directly with you so only you and Dr. Joe determine what care you will receive.

  • Medications, labs, referrals, etc can all be billed through your insurance if desired.

  • Maximum of 100 patients under this plan.

Fourth Trimester Plan

If you have a newborn on the way and don't want to commit to a full year of care, you can try out the Fourth Trimester Plan​

This plan ends on your baby's 3rd month birthday, but if you love it, you can continue with the annual in-home plan.

You get all of the features above plus:

  • One Pre-hospital visit (discuss what to expect for your newborns hospital stay)

  • Newborn check up (within 48 hours of discharge)

  • 2-week weight check (or more if needed/wanted)

  • 1-month check-up

  • 2 month check-up

  • One in-home lactation consultation with a certified lactation consultant

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With Dr Joe's Concierge you get more time and that means less referrals. I can offer comprehensive treatment for the following concerns (& More): 

  • Acne Treatment & Dermatology Treatment

  • ADHD Treatment

  • Allergies Treatment

  • Anxiety Treatment

  • Asthma Treatment

  • Constipation & Belly Aches

  • Ear Wax Removal

  • General Pediatric Care

  • Headaches

  • Newborn Care

  • Weight Management

  • Well Child Care

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