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COVID Consult & Testing


Booking a consult with us does not replace the need for a primary care physician and does not lead to a continued relationship with our providers.


COVID Protocols we follow:

  • ​COVID Protection Protocol

  • COVID Treatment Protocol

  • Long COVID Treatment

  • Post-Vaccine Treatment

  • COVID Testing


*The I-PREVENT protocol must be part of an overall strategy that includes common sense public health actions such as good hand hygiene, avoiding crowded public gatherings, adequate ventilation and other measures. The following protocol can be used for both chronic and post-exposure prevention.

​Chronic prevention is especially recommended for healthcare workers, those over 60 years old with comorbidities, people who are morbidly obese, and residents of long-term care facilities. Follow post-exposure prevention if a household member is COVID-positive or if you have had prolonged exposure to COVID but have not developed symptoms.


Consults are $300 and consist of one discovery televisit where we learn about your history and needs and give treatment recommendations (and prescriptions for up to six months) based on our discussion. Contact us if you are outside of St Louis County


In Home COVID testing $250, Mon-Fri, $300 weekends. Discounts for family member of patients of Dr Joe’s Concierge and Whole Child Pediatrics. Consults for positive results wanting treatment are $200. Contact us if you are outside of St Louis County

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