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Feel free to reach out for any questions

TEXT:  314-472-8333


  • Are you accepting new patients?
    Currently there are limited spots available. Visit the Pricing page to see if you are in the service area.
  • Do you require vaccines for children?
    I am an advocate for vaccines, and I vaccinate my children per CDC/AAP recommendations for routine vaccines. However, I do not require you to have your children vaccinated. I understand that my job is to give advice, and your job is to decide what is best for your children.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    The simple answer is No. Plans are all annual subscriptions plans that can be paid monthly. He is not credentialed with any insurance plans. You may be able to us HSA and FSA funds but must confirm with your employer. When we order labs, xray, or refer you to a specialist, you may use your insurance as long as they accept it.
  • What is the monthly membership price?
    Visit for details. We offer 25% off for honorably discharged veterans or active military and discounts for multiple children.
  • Do you sign vaccine exemptions?
    Yes and no. Religious/philosophical exemptions: In MO, you must go to the health department. In IL, i can sign the form as long as we have had a discussion about vaccines. Medical: I can only sign medical exemption forms for documents reactions to past vaccines for that child or know allergy to a component of the vaccine.
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